Tango Caliente

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Fusing classical concepts with Jazz in a dynamic and pulsating musical experience that will inspire repeated plays regardless of musical tastes. Buy at CD Baby

"Tuscan Prelude"

Classic jazz with elements of classical music blended into a sparkling musical experience for fans of all tastes and preferences. Buy at CD BABY

"Ponte Novello"

Special and unique treatment of traditional operatic pieces done in a jazz style Buy at CD Baby


Straight Ahead Piano Trio Jazz with Jazz Legends Buy at CD Baby

From the Top

Great solo piano jazz standards From The Top Buy at CD Baby

Jay D'Amico's Discography

"Tango Caliente : Jazz Under Glass" The Jay D'Amico Quintet. Original compositions. c 2012,Consolidated Artists (CAP 1034) “Nocturne : Jazz Under Glass” The Jay D’Amico Trio. Original compositions. c 2009, Consolidated Artists (CAP 1021) “Tuscan Prelude” The Jay D’Amico Trio, with Marc Johnson & Ronnie Zito. Original compositions. c 2008, Consolidated Artists (CAP 1013) “Ponte Novello” The Jay D’Amico Jazz Ensemble, with Ben Brown, Ronnie Zito and guest appearance by Milt Hinton, featuring arias of Puccini, Bellini, Verdi and more, c 1999, Consolidated Artists (CAP 940)** “Envisage” The Jay D’Amico Trio, with Milt Hinton and Bob Rosengarden, c 1983, 2003, Consolidated Artists (CAP 970)* “From the Top” Piano Soloist Jay D’Amico, c 1990, Consolidated Artists (CAP 901)* *In 1999 critically acclaimed “Ponte Novello” was listed on the Gavin Jazz Charts. **In 2004 critically acclaimed “Envisage” hit the Top 50 Jazzweek jazz chart. _