“Jay D’Amico plays piano with a gossamer touch and canny sense of style… there is a certain shapeliness to each solo and a tangible sense of touch, like good sculpture.” - Fred Bouchard

— Downbeat Magazine

Pianist and composer Jay D'Amico fuses classical and jazz on this elegant outing... a string of delicate gems that swing lightly while also referencing the likes of Chopin...” - Bill Milkowski

— Jazz Tiimes Magazine

“Modern jazz with savory classical/Italian seasoning... tasteful... elegant... themes are invariably handsome”” - Jack Bowers

— All About Jazz

If there is any one word that would describe the music of Jay D’Amico it would be “originality.” I recall reading a book by Igor Stravinsky many years ago in which he stated that if there was any “gift” in music, it would be the gift of melody. Jay, with his ability to successfully fuse classical music thinking and the time conception and influence of jazz, displays evidence that he is in possession of this gift and has crafted it into a musical statement of the highest order. BRAVO!” - Mike Longo

— Jazz Pianist

... lively and engaging fare... D'Amico soars with a glistening touch and beautifully delineated lines...” - Scott Albin

— www.jazz.com

CAPTIVATING AND SWINGING: THE BLENDING OF JAZZ AND CLASSICAL MUSIC COME ALIVE February 15th, 2010 (New York City) – Following on the heels of his successful TUSCAN PRELUDE: Jazz Under Glass (CAP 1013) and in that spirit, jazz pianist JAY D’AMICO has gone back to the well and drawn great results with NOCTURNE : Jazz Under Glass (CAP 1021). NOCTURNE is an amalgam of American Jazz and European classical motifs. Melodic – Soothing – Captivating –Swinging – this album represents Jay’s latest efforts at composing and interpreting his own music. “In some ways I’ve been influenced by various forms found in classical music and they’re evident here, but other compositions on this album go beyond that.” This is first class contemporary, adult instrumental music. ”I always want the melody to imitate the human voice and most importantly, it always has to swing.” Jay’s skilled and insightful piano performance is supported by THE JAY D’AMICO TRIO with Hinton/Ben Brown taught bassist GREG D’AMICO and the sensitive and tasty drummer VINNIE FAVATA…a most elegant trio. If you would like more information on this recording or to schedule and interview with Jay D’Amico, please call Judy Venditto at 646-505-9599 or e-mail Judy at jvenditto@nyc.rr.com. Just recently released, NOCTURNE is chart bound on the JazzWeek - Jazz Album Chart and is available on all music internet shops and download sites.”

— Press Release