Recent Jay D'Amico radio interviews 

The Jazz Mind Interviews Bobby Jackson and Jay D'Amico Speak'AmicoBobbyInterview.htm Jay D'Amico speaks with Mike Schwartz KSJS - San Jose, CA (February ~ 2010)'AmicoKSJSInterview.htm

Nocturne : Jazz Under Glass 

CAPTIVATING AND SWINGING: THE BLENDING OF JAZZ AND CLASSICAL MUSIC COME ALIVE February 15th, 2010 (New York City) – Following on the heels of his successful TUSCAN PRELUDE: Jazz Under Glass (CAP 1013) and in that spirit, jazz pianist JAY D’AMICO has gone back to the well and drawn great results with NOCTURNE : Jazz Under Glass (CAP 1021). NOCTURNE is an amalgam of American Jazz and European classical motifs. Melodic – Soothing – Captivating –Swinging – this album represents Jay’s latest efforts at…

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Tuscan Prelude 

Jay's release 'Tuscan Prelude" is receiving raves from fans and critics alike. For a preview of the music - click on 'Listen' on the side menu! To purchase, visit: or