“Jay D’Amico plays piano with a gossamer touch and canny sense of style… there is a certain shapeliness to each solo and a tangible sense of touch, like good sculpture. Fred Bouchard, Down Beat “Jay D’Amico’s ‘Ponte Novello’…works like a well-oiled Swiss timepiece… fresh and charming. Pure enchantment. Jack Bowers, Cadence “Excellent piano playing… Improvisation is original, creative, clever and yet still retains musicality as opposed to cliches – a trap that some of the big name piano players fall into. Charlie Ventura, Jr. “Truly a unique combination of Italian classics and American Jazz… Jay’s remarkably sensitive playing is displayed here in a perfect setting.” Milt Hinton, Jazz Bassist “If there is any one word that would describe the music of Jay D’Amico, it would be “originality.” I recall reading a book by Igor Stravinsky many years ago in which he stated that if there was any “gift” in music, it would be the gift of melody. Jay, with his ability to successfully fuse classical music thinking and the time conception and influence of jazz, displays evidence that he is in possession of this gift and has crafted it into a musical statement of the highest order. Bravo!” Mike Longo Jazz Pianist