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Jay D'Amico: Purchase Jay's Music

Tango Caliente - CD

"Nocturne" - CD

Fusing classical concepts with Jazz in a dynamic and pulsating musical experience that will inspire repeated plays regardless of musical tastes.

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"Tuscan Prelude" - CD

Classic jazz with elements of classical music blended into a sparkling musical experience for fans of all tastes and preferences.

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"Ponte Novello" - CD

Special and unique treatment of traditional operatic pieces done in a jazz style

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"Envisage" - CD

Straight Ahead Piano Trio Jazz with Jazz Legends

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From the Top - CD

Great solo piano jazz standards

From The Top
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Jay D'Amico's Discography

"Tango Caliente : Jazz Under Glass" The Jay D'Amico Quintet. Original compositions. c 2012,Consolidated Artists (CAP 1034)

“Nocturne : Jazz Under Glass” The Jay D’Amico Trio. Original compositions. c 2009, Consolidated Artists (CAP 1021)

“Tuscan Prelude” The Jay D’Amico Trio, with Marc Johnson & Ronnie Zito. Original compositions. c 2008, Consolidated Artists (CAP 1013)

“Ponte Novello” The Jay D’Amico Jazz Ensemble, with Ben Brown, Ronnie Zito and guest appearance by Milt Hinton, featuring arias of Puccini, Bellini, Verdi and more, c 1999, Consolidated Artists (CAP 940)**

“Envisage” The Jay D’Amico Trio, with Milt Hinton and Bob Rosengarden, c 1983, 2003, Consolidated Artists (CAP 970)*

“From the Top” Piano Soloist Jay D’Amico, c 1990, Consolidated Artists (CAP 901)*

*In 1999 critically acclaimed “Ponte Novello” was listed on the Gavin Jazz Charts.
**In 2004 critically acclaimed “Envisage” hit the Top 50 Jazzweek jazz chart.